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Volunteer FAQ


Harvest Time Music Festival will be successful because volunteers like you work together as a team to provide excellent services to everyone.  Most importantly you are Gods foot soldiers in your service and commitment to fulfill Gods vision for the festival.

We would ask that you consider to honor the word commitment when you decide to become a volunteer. We know life sometimes gets in the way and things happen however when you commit and are scheduled for a shift the entire team is depending on you to show up and play your part.  We love and appreciate each of you for your contribution and that commitment.

Q - What will the volunteers do?


Volunteers will carry out a wide variety of tasks working on various crews, using a vast variety of skills that they have been blessed with.  We made short shifts so you won’t have to miss a lot.


You can sign up for more than one shift. We will strive to make each volunteer experience enjoyable and meaningful!

Q- What will I receive as a volunteer?

A. ​

  • A volunteer bracelet during your shift

  • Full access to the volunteer area in the Dally Inn during your shift (meeting room) – access this through the main door.

  • Free coffee, tea and water.

  • Snacks provided (during your shift)

Q- What is expected of me as a volunteer?



Our volunteers are not only festivals ambassadors they are Gods Ambassadors. We want to create the best experience possible for everyone involved, which means treating everyone with Love, Kindness and Respect


Be on time for all your shifts. If you are late notify the co-ordinator so your spot can be filled until you get there.

Q - Who do I contact for more information? 

How do I sign up to volunteer? 

Twin Lakes Ranch Volunteers

  • Volunteers for the meeting room (cleaning tables, cleaning bathrooms, setting out snacks for volunteers)

  • Cleaning Bathroom/Shower facility

  • Garbage

Click here to volunteer

Harvest Ministry Volunteers

  • Ushers

  • Parking

  • Security

  • Book Table

  • Etc...

Click here to volunteer

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